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That’s only $60 a month that will change a student’s life forever!

Prakash for India needs your help TODAY to give young, marginalized Indian nationals vocational training, leadership development and life skills education to put them on a better path to live with hope and dignity.


Educational and Vocational Programs:

Provides training in skilled trades so our students can sustain themselves and live with dignity.

Leadership Development:

Equips our students to grow and duplicate themselves to become a significant developmental force for their country.

STARTING POINT Discipleship Program:

Shares the love and grace of Jesus Christ and teaches our students Christian principles so they can live with

Resources for Repairs and Maintenance:

Maintains our facilities and keeps them in proper working order.

Will You Partner With Us?

Further the vision for Prakash and commit to supporting a student today.

Sustained donations enable us to strategically expand and provide innovative tools and resources to our students, staff, and surrounding communities.

Our Mission

For nearly 45 years, Prakash for India has been equipping young Indian men and women with marketable skills to become godly business owners, spouses, parents and leaders in their communities living self-reliant lives with hope and dignity.

Our History

In 1961, Vernon and Mildred Hart traveled to Kodaikanal, South India for a short-term missions assignment.  In the process, Harts fell in love with India’s people. They developed a burden for those in poverty who had no visible means of acquiring a trade ….

Journal Entries

Picnic Day

Picnic Day

It is amazing to me how when you do something once in India it becomes a tradition. That is exactly what Nani's picnic day has become. I love it, so it is not a problem. Their world-view is so small, so I love providing this fun way of...

Visiting Vet-Med Projects

Visiting Vet-Med Projects

Ever since our arrival here in India we have wanted to see some of the Vet-Med projects and see their successes. We were off early in the morning when I saw this picture and could not resist. A dudhwala (milk man.) How would you like your milk to be delivered...

Do You Feel Good Yet?

Do You Feel Good Yet?

The toilet project is progressing nicely. Product is arriving everyday.    The men are working hard to complete the endeavor in 45 days. We will see.... I'm sending a few pictures to show you the progress of the work. So very different than how we...

Village Trip

Village Trip

 Yesterday we traveled to Vasentha's village. (He is the young man about whom I wrote the book "They Call Me Sir."   (Click to order transformation in the village is awesome. We never know that when we, do for one what we wish...

Our Girls and Other Things

Our Girls and Other Things

I thought I would share some of the pictures of the RGI girls. I will try to do the same for the PBI boys later. I love seeing the change in these young girls' lives after only a few months at RGI. They even walk with more security and self-confidence. (you make this...

Love, Tears and Prayers

Love, Tears and Prayers

Valentine's Day is becoming a huge event in India. Adding one more holiday to the thousands they already have. It has been a great time for Loren to teach about " Loving as Jesus loved." Loren is out giving roses to the RGI girls as I am writing this Journal. It has...

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