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Help Save the Tower

Posted on Apr 20, 2016 in featured, Funding, India

Every project always seems to expand. Loren has realized that donors are not prone to give for maintenance, so he has set up a little fund...

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Needs Fixing

Posted on Apr 5, 2016 in Funding, India

Knowing Loren you will for sure know that he would have a long list of projects when he arrives in India. Never will all of these be...

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See What Your Donations Can Do

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 in Funding, India

This is a wonderful report from Moses, the Dean of Students at PBI. Nangesh comes from a very small village called Kakda. He has one elder...

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Prevention Giving

Posted on Dec 22, 2011 in Funding, India

So often we never realize the impact we are making by a simple gift. I thought since this was the gift-giving season, I would tell you...

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Christmas 2011

Posted on Dec 12, 2011 in Funding, India

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Christmas Sweaters

Posted on Dec 20, 2009 in Funding, India

Dear friend of Prakash, Rajat and Nidra are so cold, their teeth are chattering. To get a little warmer, Rajat rubs his uncovered arms —...

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