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Recap of Trip

Posted on Mar 18, 2018 in Prakash Boys Institute

Well, we are back home in Montana. Love the snow after some days in the high 90’s in India. I much prefer the snow to the heat. I...

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Unbelievable Love Story

Posted on Feb 17, 2018 in Prakash Boys Institute

Loren has the TRADITION of giving the RGI girls a rose for Valentine’s Day. This is a different kind of LOVE STORY for...

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Alumni to the Rescue

Posted on Jan 29, 2018 in Prakash Boys Institute

“To day the police came with the warrant to arrest me and at the same time carried out the process to bail me out. Nagesh and Moses...

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Educational Tours

Posted on Aug 1, 2017 in Prakash Boys Institute

            The end of the school is upon Prakash for India institutes. The government has made it be very difficult to know when and how...

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We are so PROUD . . .

Posted on Dec 7, 2016 in featured, India, Prakash Boys Institute

Moses gave us this recent report: “We are feeling very proud to let you know that Prakash Choir stood first in inter-church group...

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Snakes is WHERE?

Posted on Sep 23, 2011 in India, Prakash Boys Institute, Ruth Girls Institute

These are the kind of stories that it just kills Loren “Papi” that he is not at Prakash to experience. Nupi loves to rub it in...

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